Nigerian striker claiming to be 23 years old is well over 40- Azerbaijani media

Azerbaijan-based Nigerian striker Victor Emenayo, has come under a lot of criticism from the Azerbaijani media, for allegedly falsifying his age.
According to the Azerbaijani media, Emenayo, who was recently signed by Azerbaijani top division side Shahdagh Qusar FK, is 17 times older than the age (23) that is on his international passport.
Emanayo's passport claims he was born in 1993.
But this does not tally with search on the internet about the striker who has played in Uganda for the best part of his career.
Judging by his official age, Google search shows he should have been 28 years old before his move to Shahdagh Qusar.
Emenayo has already become the subject of ridicule by social media users in Azerbaijan; with the media also stating that he indeed looks well above 40 years old.
They claim the fact that he shaved five years off the official age he has been using, means he has more than one international passport in his possession, and his looks suggest he is well above 40.
The former SC Villa of Uganda striker is reportedly older in appearance than the coach of the team, Adil Mahmudov, according to the media in Azerbaijan.
Neither Emenayo nor his Azerbaijani club, Shahdagh Qusar, have responded to the allegations.


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