Militants blow up another pipeline in Delta

Even with the military's arrest of the coordinator of the "Operation Crocodile Tears," militants under the aegis of the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate (NDGJM) have destroyed another major crude pipeline in Afiesere/Iwhrenene in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State.

The delivery line which belongs to the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), a sub­sidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation (NNPC) was attacked at about 1am on Tuesday.

The group formally announced the commencement of its "Operation Crocodile Tears" targeted at oil facilities in the upland area of the region.
The military had formed "Operation Crocodile Smile" to check pipeline bombing in the Niger
Delta region by the mili­tants.

In a statement through its spokesman, Aldo Agbalaja, the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate claimed responsibility for the attack.

During its "Exercise Crocodile Smile" the military had claimed it had arrested the militant kingpin behind the "Operation Crocodile Tears", an operation meant to counter the military operation.

The militant group however did not say anything about the arrest of the suspected militant kingpin whom the military claimed was its leader.

Agbalaja said: "As a mark of our faith to totally ground the Nigerian oil economy, the gallant ‘Opudo' strike forces brought down the Afiesere Iwhrenene major delivery line in Ughelli North, lead­ing to the UPS/UQCC operated by NPDC/Shorelines at about 1am today (Tuesday) 13th September, 2016.

"The High Command of the Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate once again says to the deceptive and untrustworthy Nigerian government and its cowardly armed forces; our people shall not deal with you on your terms, but on mutual terms. And until you drop this deceptive and master/servant posture, ‘Operation Crocodile Tears' shall continue."

The group warned residents living around major oil pipelines in the upland region of the state to vacate the areas or face dire consequences.

"Our patience is running out on our people living close to major oil and gas facilities in the upland areas of our region, the more critical assets of the oil sector are still working because we are being careful not to hurt our people. For the last time, leave these areas if you live around them and if you love your life," Agbalaja said.

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