Violent Hausa-Fulani clash in Lagos claims 3 lives

A violent clash broke out in Abbatoir, Agege area of Lagos, yesterday, between Hausa and Fulani traders, leading to the death of at least 3 persons, while several others were injured.
Properties were also destroyed in the clash which disrupted business activities on Wednesday at the popular cow market.
There are different accounts of what cause the clash.
According to one version,
some commercial sex workers and their male customers- majority of whom were Hausa- were allegedly beaten up two days earlier by Fulani men at Oworose Hotel along the railway line.
The Fulani men were also alleged to have dispossessed their victims of their valuables.
In the second version of events however, the clash erupted due to the battering of an Hausa girl by a Fulani man.
The alleged battering of the girl was said to have been reported to the Seriki Fulani, one Bello Damopaba; but he was accused of not taking any action.
Irked by his alleged silence, some persons suspected to be Hausa, it was gathered, stormed the traditional ruler’s palace, Tuesday night, and destroyed property, among which were three vehicles belonging to him, his deputy and the secretary.
Yesterday’s clash was thus, a reprisal on the Hausa over the destruction at the Seriki’s palace.
One of the traders, who gave his name as Garba, said: “We were just settling down for business at 7a.m. when we saw over 500 Fulani with their sticks, marching towards our end and hitting everybody in sight.
“The Hausa repelled the attack and hacked their leader. They quickly carried their dying leader and took to their heels. But they were surrounded by other Hausa, who were at the other end.
“When they saw that there was no place for escape, they ran inside the main complex, that is, the slaughter side. From there they started shooting their arrows indiscriminately.
“One of our men was hit on the neck, while another had his neck slashed with a knife at Kara Junction.
“These Fulani are robbers, who usually attack people coming to buy cows. They are not traders. They were sleeping in the market until the demolition, which made it impossible for them to find a roof over their heads.
“They attacked the hotel because there was no hiding place for them to run to after attacking customers.”
The clash was eventually quelled by the  Lagos State Police Command.


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