Access restricted for journalists, as Kerry arrives Aso Rock today

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, is expected to arrive Abuja, Nigeria today, to visit President Muhammadu Buhari.
It has been revealed that for the duration of the visit at the Presidential Villa, access granted to Journalists would be temporary restricted.
This is reportedly part of the security measures taken by the authorities to ensure a hitch free visit of the
US chief diplomat.
According to the schedules, Kerry in the course of his official functions would be meeting behind closed doors with President Buhari for bilateral discussions geared towards cementing the bonds between Nigeria and USA.
Throughout the period of Kerry’s stay in the Villa, no State House reporter would be allowed outside of the Press Gallery located beside the Council Chambers.
Only Videographers and Photojournalists would be granted access at the arrival of the Secretary at the fore-court of the Villa as well as the meeting at the grey room of the President’s office.
It was also learnt that Kerry would not have any audience with Journalists, at the conclusion of his visit to Aso Rock.
The issue of the insurgency in North-East Nigeria is believed to be the key subject of discussions at the meeting.
Five Northern Governors would also meet with Secretary Kerry, after his talks with Buhari.

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