Justin Bieber turned down $5M to perform at a Republican event during the GOP convention

Justin Bieber is going to great lengths to avoid endorsing Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

TMZ reports that a promoter called the singer’s talent agency asking that he perform at the event which was allegedly non-politi­cal, and would not connote that Bieber was endorsing Republican Party presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Bieber was reportedly supposed to perform for 45 minutes at the venue
close to Quicken Loans Arena where the RNC would be held.

The contract reportedly stated that the $5 million deal would be paid for by GOP donors, adding that the money would be paid prior to the event.

The deal which would have represented Bieber’s biggest single payment ever was reportedly turned down, thanks to urgings from his manager, Scooter Braun, who is a big supporter of Clinton, as well as LeBron James.

Braun was of the opinion that regardless of how the deal had been presented, it was “100 percent political.”

Bieber’s manager went ahead to give him an option, warning that the singer could do the event, but he would no longer represent him. Considering the fact that he is a Canadian and can afford to sit on the fence in the American political scene, Bieber weighed his odds and still chose to turn down the deal.

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