Natural hair trend

I think the most important thing a woman can have – next to talent, of course – is her hairdresser (Joan Crawford).
It's very funny how fashion works. You remember when this natural hairstyle, mostly called ‘virgin' hair, used to be a thing for the Deeper Lifers? Well, it's no more an exclusive fashion style for these set of Christian sisters, as it is now a promi­nent fashion trend for all ladies. If your hair has not been stretched-out by chemicals (relaxer), then it can be classified as a natural hair.

Since its fashionable prominence, a lot of people have done well styling it up, while some others have possibly run out of ideas on how to jazz-up the look. Keep calm! That's why I'm here to always nudge you in the right fashionably accept­ed way of doing things. Whether you want to fix, change the colour of your hair, or wear it unfixed, there's always a more presentable way of doing it.

This fashion trend is a convenient and better choice to go with this season, especially due to the (mostly) hot weather. So, if you're already a natural-hair-carrier or you're transitioning, here are some up-to-date ways to stand out with it as far as styling is concerned. Till next week, stay styled up!

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