‘If I could make it, you can too’ – Banky W as he receives award in New York

Nigeria's R&B star, Banky W, was recently given an international award for his outstanding achievements by the President of the Borough of Brooklyn. Feeling touched and thankful, he shared the news on his Instagram page. He also talk­ed about his journey to fame and used the medium to encourage his fans to believe they can make it as well.

So earlier
today, The President of the Borough of Brooklyn honored us with citation certificates, for our contributions to our communities and for our career accomplishments.

Here’s the thing in life, it’s important to find your purpose, and to trust God and believe in yourself as you work hard to chase it. Follow the path that leads to you fulfilling your destiny.’

    I lived in NYC for over 10 YEARS. And at the time, being on stage at a venue like the Barclay’s Center, or being honored by the City Of New York, didn’t seem like something that was remotely possible.

    But I felt like my calling/destiny was back home in Africa. I felt like the music grind I’d started… it just felt like Lagos was where I was meant to be. Even though at the time, my entire immediate family no longer lived in Naija and my parents couldn’t understand why I’d want to risk it all to go back there.

    It took a while to make the decision, But I quit my Job in Engineering, bought a one way ticket and came back. And here I am, 7 years later, performing at and hosting the #oneafricamusicfest at the Barclay’s Center being honoured by Brooklyn…

    I share this not to be arrogant.. but to tell you that truly, NOTHING is impossible. You can be all that you plan to be. If I could make it, you can too. Your current position in life is only temporary. It’s like The story of Joseph in the Bible, he had to go all the way to Prison to make it to the Palace.. God did it for me, He can do it for you too. Who would have thought that I’d need to go all the way to Africa to make it to the ‘top’ of NYC?

    Don’t give up on yourself or your dreams. Impossible is not fact; it’s merely an opinion. As my boy Kingsley once shared with me, even when it seems like things are falling apart, they can still fall into place. You can make it. I promise’.

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