Billionaire in the making: Kanye West signs deal with Adidas to open Yeezy stores

Adidas inked a deal with Kanye West for an undisclosed amount to expand his Yeezy brand, which has the potential to turn the fashion designer into a billionaire,TMZ reports.
The deal was announced by the German sportswear company on Wednesday, June 29.
The deal, which is being described as the "most significant partnership between a non-athlete and a sports brand," includes plans of opening Yeezy retail shops that will sell the rapper's coveted Yeezy kicks, apparel and accessories. Additionally, Kanye will also be responsible for designing athletic wear for basketball and football players.
Adidas is reportedly upping the ante by hiring a design team with some of the best in the industry.
Sources tell TMZ that it will take a few years to get the stores and merchandising together, but the projections point to a potential billion dollar cashflow, a far cry from his previous deal of $10 million with adidas in 2014.

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