Obama officially endorses Clinton

US President, Barack Obama, has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party Presidential Nominee.

Obama endorsed Mrs. Clinton on Thursday, after meeting with her opponent for the Democratic nomination, Senator Bernie Sanders.

In a video tweeted out by Mrs Clinton, Obama described the former Secretary of State in glowing terms, saying Clinton  may be the 'most qualified person ever' to run
for the office of US President.

Clinton and Obama were former opponents for the Democratic Party Nominee tickets; with Obama prevailing over Clinton in 2008, and going ahead to win the Presidency. He later appointed the Former First Lady and Senator, as his Secretary of State.

Speaking to Reuters following the endorsement, Clinton said Obama’s endorsement “means the world” to her.

“It is absolutely a joy and an honour that President Obama and I, over the years, have gone from fierce competitors to true friends,” she said.

Both Clinton and Obama are expected to hit the campaign trail together soon.


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