Shell suspends repairs of damaged pipeline over fears of reprisal attacks by militants

Any hope of an increase in Nigeria's crude oil export was dashed on Tuesday, as Shell Nigeria said repair works on the Forcados export pipeline had been discontinued due to rising insecurity in the Niger Delta.

Speaking at the company's Annual Capital Market Day, Chief Financial Officer of Royal Dutch Shell, Simon Henry, said the company had to withdraw repair crews
last week after a second attack against the 48-inch Forcados export pipeline that linked onshore storage tanks with an offshore port.

The Chief Financial Officer stated that the company cannot operate or repair the facility if its people are threatened. Thus, it was no longer possible for repair works to be completed this June, as earlier scheduled.

Henry described the current attacks as more destructive than the ones that took place in the past, stating that there was clearly better organization and targeting by the militants involved in the recent attacks.

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