France set to revive Middle East peace talks

A conference led by France aimed at reviving the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is scheduled to begin later this month in Paris.

The French-led Conference will bring together officials from the Middle East quartet, the UN, Arab League and other countries but without the participation of the main parties: Israel and the Palestinians.

Israel has rejected the meeting; as it continually calls for direct negotiations with the Palestinians.

The last round of talks aimed at finding ways to settle the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians came to an end amid acrimony in April 2014; with accusations and counter-accusations from both parties.

The Palestinians accused Israel of reneging on a deal to free prisoners, while Israel said it would not continue negotiations after the Palestinians decided to bring the Islamist Hamas movement into a unity government.

The scheduled talks comes at a period when France is grappling with severe flooding which has left at least 14 people dead, and thousands displaced.

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