Radio Biafra Back On Air Again, 'We Are Unstoppable'—IPOB

The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) has said that the banned Radio Biafra, which was proscribed by the Fed­eral Government, is back on air.
IPOB leader and Radio Biafra Director, Nnamdi Kanu is facing treason charges and detained in prison custody since October 2015 when he was arrested by the operatives of the Department for State Services (DSS) in Lagos for
allegedly running the illegal station and an unregistered organisation.

Late last year, the government said that it had jammed the frequency of the satellite transmitted radio station to stop its alleged “incitive broadcasting.”

But yesterday, IPOB in a press statement issued by its Media and Publicity Officer, Emma Powerful, announced the return of the radio station.

Radio Biafra is based in the United Kingdom (UK) but its radio signals are received in different parts of the South East and South-South regions including certain areas of Lagos.

According to IPOB, the television station wing of the organisation will soon start operation.

The statement read in part: “Right now we are back on short­wave after the Nigerian government spent millions of dollars of tax payers money trying to stop Radio Biafra. We are unstoppable because Chukwuka Okike Abiama is on our side.”

And in its determination to actualise Biafra Republic, IPOB has said that its next move in the struggle for self rule “will shake the whole world”.

It stated that Akwa-Ibom is now on chk 102.1 fm covering Ikot Ekpene, Uruan, Oron, Uyo, insiriatai, ibiono, nundo, abak, idioro, Akwa-Ibom dakka, Yamal-402 DTH Platform: Frequency 11045MHz Pol: Vertical Symbol Rate: 40MSym, DVB-S, QPSK, 2/3 FEC, Service ID: 5.

In a press statement issued yesterday by IPOB’s spokespersons, Dr. Clifford Iroanya, and Emma Nmezu, the group said:

“We are IPOB and we do things in a unique way, so our next outing will shake the whole earth. The worst mistake this government made is to arrest our leader and now they are beginning to discover how formidable we are.”

IPOB, which last week threatened to resume its suspended protests, said the non disclosure of the date for the fresh protests was deliberate and strategic.

“Our resumption of protest is imminent but for understandable reasons we can’t give you details yet”, the statement said.
IPOB also advised its detained leader Nnamdi Kanu to henceforth, stop eating every food brought to him, including the ones by close family members, alleging it might be poisoned by those who want him dead.


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