Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha, recalls near death experience

It was a time of suspense and pain late last year in December for the family, friends and fans of Nollywood ‘bad boy' Charles Okocha popularly referred to as Igwe2pac, who was hit by stray bullets from a police man's gun, leaving five bullets in his body.

The young actor who was feared dead by many, but miraculously survived the accidental
hit while attending a function at Nnewi in Anambra state, has recently opened up to close friends about the events on that day and the ones following it. He stated that the event started out as pleasantries from fans who were complimenting him, including the policeman, and in an attempt to show appreciation decided to shoot in the air, even though he (Charles) did not buy the idea, the gun fell from his hands as he was drunk and the gun started shooting rapidly, which hit him severally before it stopped. Charles had his intestines in his hands, while he was rushed to the hospital about an hour after.

He went through three major surgeries and had started recuperating, since the stitches had been removed and was to be discharged before long, when the intestines burst out of his stomach again and was immediately rushed back to the theatre.

Actor Charles is thankful to God he is still alive, as his ordeal has been miraculous. He has featured in quite a number of movies amongst which are Mr Ibu in London, Strong Men, Bumper to Bumper, My World, Blood in the Lagoon. Thank God for sparing his life, we wish him faster recovery to enable him bounce back to his feet.

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